The coaches

We’re Adam and Rachael, the coaches at ASC Performance. We’re here to help you get to your goals as efficiently as possible.

From getting stronger, to making you feel better when you look in the mirror, or even competing in a high performance sport.

Between us, we have competed, coached and won medals internationally in Powerlifting, Judo and Strongman.


Adam at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships
Adam has been coaching strength athletes since 2011 and competed internationally in both Powerlifting and Judo for over 10 years. 
He completed his medical degree early 2017 with an additional Masters in Clinical Exercise Science (So, yes, he is a doctor!). 
Instead of following the normal route into hospital medicine, Adam decided to follow his passion and opened ASC Performance with Rachael with one goal in mind – helping people get strong and feel awesome!
Adam and client Owen after both winning medals at the English Powerlifting Championship.

Adam’s best lifts (at a bodyweight of around 80kg):

Squat – 242.5kg

Front squat – 180kg

Bench press – 140kg

Deadlift (Conventional) – 250kg 

Deadlift (Sumo) – 285kg

Snatch – 90kg

Clean & Jerk – 130kg

Strict ring muscle up BW + 13kg

Handstand walk over obstacles

If you want to keep up to date, visit Adam’s personal website HERE,  training log on YouTube or other social media links below.


Rachael deadlifting a huge 140kg/310lbs
Rachael has been a Personal Trainer since 2010, and has competed in Strongwoman and nationally in Powerlifting.
She has worked with a variety of clients ranging from busy professionals to international athletes, with extra qualifications in back pain and exercise referral.
After working in several gyms in the past, Rachael teamed up with Adam to create ASC Performance and build it into the thriving community it is now.
Rachael after hitting a 100kg squat, 70kg bench press and 145kg deadlift at around 66kg bodyweight!
Rachael and some of the team after hitting tons of PBs at a local Powerlifting competition.
If you want to keep up to date, check out Rachael’s YouTube channel, or other social media links below.