ASC Performance Code of Conduct

Gym rules:

  1. Greet everybody when you enter the gym.
  2. Offer support and encouragement to others, we are all here to improve.
  3. No complaints, you don’t have to be here, you get to.
  4. Respect coaches, equipment and other athletes.
  5. Work hard, have fun.
  6. Be humble, coachable and accept advice when it is offered.
  7. Do not walk in front of, or close to somebody lifting.
  8. Leave your workspace clean and tidy when you are done.
  9. Say goodbye to everybody when you are done.
  10. Demand Excellence! 

General Code of Conduct:

ASC Performance is a supportive, friendly place and we aim to keep it welcoming, please help us in doing this by encouraging and helping others become involved in the community. 

Social media usage is welcome, please tag us in any training videos and progression.




ASC Performance on Facebook.

Please be respectful of other members if filming and make sure they are ok with being in the image/video, if they are not, do not share/post the video.

All clients must complete a health questionnaire.

Users must inform the gym staff of any changes to their health which would result in a change to their responses to the health questionnaire.

Please refer to the annual planner in the reception area to remain up to date with gym events and opening times.

Safe and appropriate sportswear, including footwear must be warm at all times.

Footwear and clothing must be clean and free from odours.

Outdoor shoes must not be worn in the gym area.

All bags and personal belongings must be kept tidied away.

The use of mobile phones in the gym is discouraged (unless for a short recording for technique etc).

No food to be consumed on the gym floor.

The use of alcohol, performance enhancing drugs or illegal drugs is strictly forbidden.

All clients must tidy up after themselves.

Chalk is allowed – at our discretion, and must be cleaned up following its use.

Please respect the equipment and wipe after usage, alongside returning weights to where they live.

Equipment must not be moved, altered, modified or used in a manner other than that for which it was intended.

Please report any accidents, damage or problems to the gym staff.

Please place rubbish in the bins provided (reception area and in both toilets).

ASC Performance operates a zero-tolerance policy for foul and abusive language towards staff, customers and other members of the public.

If rules are not followed, we reserve the right to cancel your membership if we cannot amicably resolve the issue.