1. Please do not enter the gym if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 or live with anyone showing symptoms or who has the virus.

2. Whilst here please make every effort not to touch your face, if you do, please sanitise your hands immediately.

3. Please do not enter until your agreed arrival time.

4. Wash your hands for 30 seconds with soap and water or use the hand sanitiser by the door on the way into the gym.

5. Once you have warmed up on a cardio machine, wipe it down, sanitise your hands, then make your way to your assigned platform to do your hip and shoulder mobility.

6. When moving around the gym, be aware of other members, use the ropes on the floor as guidance and always keep 4 mat lengths between you and another person.

7. When you have finished using any equipment, please wipe it down and sanitise your hands.

8. Leave the gym by the big roller doors and sanitise your hands on the way out.

9. As always, be courteous and respectful towards other gym users and staff and please feel free to talk to us if you feel we need to take further precautionary measures.