Online Strength Coaching for Drug Free Lifters

My mission is to get YOU strong.

It’s great when you’re a beginner, literally EVERYTHING you do to get stronger works. All you have to do is show up and the gains come.
Then, things start to slow down, you realise the value of a proper program, you try them all. 
5/3/1, Coan-Phillipi, Starting Strength, Magnusson Oartmayer, Russian Squat Routine, Smolov, Sheiko….
You actually make some decent progress at first, your squat goes up, maybe your deadlift stalls after another few cycles, so you try another template program.
Eventually, everything stalls, in fact, you can’t explain why sometimes you seem to actually be getting WEAKER 😱. 
Sound familiar?
This is the same story I (Adam) have gone through and many of our clients too! (Success stories HERE)
These programs are a great place to start as you’re leaving that beginner phase, but, as you develop as a lifter, you need training that is tailored to YOU.
You need to figure out your own weakness, most efficient technique, volume tolerances and signs of fatigue.
You need to understand long term progression since you can no longer just go in and ‘try harder’ than last time.
That stops working for us drug free lifters.
Anybody can help you to make progress as a beginner and even as a low level intermediate level lifter, because almost ANYTHING works.
 What’s challenging, is to create the perfect, properly periodised plan for a more advanced lifter looking to go from “I lift weights” to “I am strong”.
This is where the value of a more experienced (and qualified) strength coach comes in.

This is what we do.

Online Coaching at ASC Performance includes everything we can do to make our athletes better, including, but not limited to:
  • Customised programming for each athlete in detail (no copy-paste coaching here!).
  • Long term athlete planning (proper sports periodisation).
  • Lifting technique reviews, adjustments and specific cues.
  • Individualised warm up, recovery and mobility protocols.
  • Access to Dr Sawyers for injury avoidance and rehabiltation.
  • Nutrition coaching to increase the rate of progress.
  • Supplement recommendations and lifestyle adjustments to get our athletes to the next level.
  • Support, accountability and regular client-coach contact.
Since 2010, I (Adam) have been an online strength coach, working with hundreds of athletes in that time. 
I have coached athletes from intermediate level lifter, all the way to the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships, and to an international level in drug free Strongman.
Alongside coaching, my current best lifts are 242.5kg squat, 140kg bench and 285kg deadlift at a bodyweight of around 80kg.

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ASC Performance
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Note - The products below are more appropriate for beginner lifters.

ASC fast Track

  • Start your Online Coaching journey with us.
  • 6 weeks of unrestricted access.
  • 6 weeks of accountability.
  • 6 weeks of support.
  • 6 weeks of tailor made nutrition programming.
  • 6 weeks of personalised training programming.
  • 6 weeks of Online Coaching with us.
  • Exact training loads prescribed.
  • Full exercise instructions.
  • Individual nutrition protocol.
  • Training, nutrition and life periodisation. 
  • Lifetime access to the program and and future updates after purchase.


  • Learn the systems and processes we use to help our clients get strong and stay healthy whilst maintaining a hectic lifestyle.
  • Get clarity on how to set goals whilst maintaining balance with your family and friends.
  • Understand why all the effort you’ve been putting in is no longer paying off.
  • Build a foundation of understanding around the training and nutrition priorities that actually matter.
  • Create your own framework for staying lean whilst eating with your family.
  • Learn how to get good at anything.
  • Understand long term periodisation of life goals and how to achieve your ideal physique along the way.
  • Finally be able to design your life so you can ‘have it all’.