Changed your mind?

No problem, we have an offer for you.

It seems like you weren’t sure about committing to the four sessions for £99 £30.

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At the moment, we’re trying to encourage people to be as active as possible, so here is what we’re offering.

One Personal Training session for £10.

If you would like to continue after that session, you can then book another 3 sessions for £30 whilst at the gym.

If it turns out we’re not the right fit, there is no commitment.

Low risk!

Click the link below to sign up.

So, if we want people to be more active, why £10, why not free?

Honestly, it’s because the time to write your session and to use a space in the gym costs us!

Because of our COVID guidelines, we are limited by space at the moment.

That’s why we are charging a small fee for the sessions.

From experience, people tend to value what they pay for. We know only those that are truly committed to their goals will sign up.

In turn, that means with our limited time and client spaces we can help the people who are most likely to progress, because they are the people that care the most about their goals.

Click the link below to sign up.

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